Arvind Menon

EPFL - Adobe - IIT Madras.


Lausanne, Switzerland

Welcome to my Page! I am a 1st Year Master’s student at EPFL pursuing an MSc in Data Science. My research interests is primarily in the fielf of Deep Reinforcement Learning, Graph Neural Networks, Online Learning and Convex Optimization. I am currently pursuing research work at Laboratory for Information and Inference Systems EPFL.

Prior to my master’s degree I was a Software developer at Adobe in the Digital Experience business unit. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.


Jun 5, 2022 Website creation! :sparkles: :smile:
Nov 7, 2015 A long list of events in between
Feb 15, 1999 Birth


  1. arXiv
    Online Estimation and Optimization of Utility-Based Shortfall Risk
    Menon, Arvind S., A., Prashanth L., and Jagannathan, Krishna
  2. arXiv
    Q-means using variational quantum feature embedding
    Menon, Arvind S, and Puri, Nikaash